Your Name – Personal favorite


Have you ever watched a movie several times and still felt the same like you did watching it for the first time? “YOUR NAME” has been that movie for me for years now. Its beautiful animation, the simple seeming but bit complex story line and the beautiful ending always end up making me smile.

Mitsua lives in a small town Itomori while taki lives in tokyo. They start swapping bodies and consider this experience as a dream. Eventually they realize that what happening to them is real and not a dream. To handle this situation without causing chaos in their personal life they decide to set some ground rules for each other and write notes to each other. Eventually they become good friends and also start to fall for each other but faith had something else in mind for them. The  body switch stop happening suddenly forcing taki to draw the landscape of the town whose name he didn’t know, just to find Mitsua. He set on a journey  to find the town and when all hope is lost someone recognizes the drawing of itomori. You must think now that story is coming to an end and we have got our happy ending, right? Well you are wrong.

When Taki goes to the town he sees that the town has already been destroyed by a meteorite few years ago before they started swapping bodies resulting in Mitsua’s death . Now i won’t spoil the movie anymore, its up to you to find what happens next.



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