Will Michael Keaton Play Batman In “The Flash”?


THR has written that actor Michael Keaton is in talks with Warner Bros Studios. for a role in the movie “Flash.”

And not just roles. According to the source, Keaton will play an aged Batman. Yes, Michael will return to his legendary role, which he played twice in Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns.

Keaton’s role is described as similar to Nick Fury’s in Marvel’s Film Universe. He will be a mentor for the characters, and the actor must subscribe not to one film, but several projects.

But the source doesn’t say that Keaton plays Bruce Wayne. But we all know that in the plot of “Flashpoint” that underpins the film, Barry Allen meets not Bruce, and Thomas Wayne. Besides, Robert Pattinson remains.


It remains to wait for confirmations and DC Fandom on August 22, where a real announcement may appear. “The Flash” based on the DC comics from director Andrés Muschietti with Ezra Miller in the title role will arrive in the movie on June 3, 2022. If there are no transfers.


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