After seeing the official Suicide Squad trailer I began a berserk search for answers as to who the huge Green Monster in the Subway might be. And with the new trailer it became pretty clear who he is…but before I reveal who he is here are some theories I found while researching.


I’ve came across several theories but none of which seem to fit.

Demon raised by Enchantress

Whilst Enchantress clearly plays an important role in this film, I don’t think the green subway monster is anything magical, nor is it any type of demon summoned by Enchantress. It’s just far too brightly colored, but again this is partly due to my lack of knowledge of this character.Possible right?..

suicide-squad enchantress

Hawkman’s / Hawgirl’s Villain?

I also considered that the subway monster may be a Thanagarian villain from Hawk’s lore since in the trailer a police car is introduced with “Midway City” written on it and we all know Midway is the city of Hawkgirl and Hawkman.


So Who is it already??

My guess is the green monster is Mr. J a.k.a the Joker What..? Don’t believe me take a Closer look


The White bleached skin , Red Lips…..

And guess what according to my theory it has something to do with Enchantress. This means the first theory was right, he is some monster raised by Enchantress (In this scenario Joker is under her command) with her Dark magic and may be she is the main villain.

Also there was another theory Which Could be correct (but I stick with mine) – the monster is ‘Mantis’


What do you think? what are your theories? leave them in the comment section below.



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