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Whisper of the Heart- My views


Seeing this movie gave me nostalgic feeling of childhood, when everything felt good,everything and everyone seemed pure without any ulterior motives or intentions.The movie starts with a girl who is in middle- school and is into books, she finds out that that every book she issued from library has been issued by same boy before. One day she decides to follow a cat from train station (which i thought was pretty dumb thing to do) and eventually meets the boy. At first she hates him for his guts but eventually fall for him when she gets to know him.

The boy makes violins and wants to go to Italy to perfect his craft. Now this reminds me of the book called ikigai. Ikigai basically means one’s reason of get out the bed every morning. Seeing that the boy has found his ikigai, the girl Shizuku Tsukishima, decides to find her own ikigai. I loved how her love for the boy makes her expand her own horizon  and find her ikigai.

This movie may have a simple story line but it gives you a sense of peace as you start watching it. I liked the background music .I honestly didn’t know that a movie made in 1995 could be so good. This movie is produced by Studio Ghibli, which is famous for animated movies. My friend even has a watch list of movies by this studio and now i know why she loves it.




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