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ViewSonic TD2230 A 1080p 10-Point Touch-Screen Monitor Review


The ViewSonic TD 2230 is one of the most visually accurate portable monitors, that we’ve reviewed. While some users may not find it that comfortable it still makes it a good option for non-competetive gaming and basic editing or watching videos and entertainment. It uses IPS-type technology for the display and colors, offering a responsive, intuitive touch experience with high-quality image performance at wide viewing angles.

In Terms of Design

The ViewSonic’s TD 2230 touchscreen display features thin bezels, 7H treatment glass with the glossy reflective surface. Touch screens with projected capacitive touch can recognize up to 10 points of simultaneous contact, although the touch experience wasn’t great for us. But it was our mistake we didn’t install the recommended drivers. After installing the monitor drivers touch accuracy improved and it became a more smooth experience.

The only disadvantage of the monitor for us was that it didn’t felt rigid enough, plastic chassis and thin bezels make it handle with care sort of device or so it felt. Adjusting angle is also not smooth it takes a little effort to adjust the display and it bumps along your work surface. On the positive side ViewSonic’s stand so it’s flush with the display which makes it lie flat on the surface.

ViewSonic TD2230 India

This monitor features FHD 1920×1080 resolution for a great experience, clarity, and detail whether while working, gaming, or enjoying the latest in multimedia entertainment.


Connectivity options on the monitor are HDMI-in, DisplayPort, VGA, Audio in and out ports as well as 2 USB 3.0, covered with removable panels which gives it a clean look.

To connect the monitor plug in the power cable, choice of Display input (HDMI, VGA or Display Port) and Data Cable, that streams touch data and the 2 USB Ports. This being said I would not recommend this monitor if you’re looking for a portable solution because of all of these cables a single thunderbolt cable could’ve have been a better solution but for someone with older hardware, this monitor is great.

Being an LCD Screen Blacks and Whites may not be super dark or super white, so professional color accurate work is not recommended on this screen, although gamma is great and playing games such as Batman Arkham Knight, Tomb Raider, and Rocket League was a good experience. It worked great as the secondary display and did increase productivity in some ways. The dual speaker is better than your laptop speakers if you’ll connect the monitor to your laptop, but not loud enough.

In the end, if you’re into touchscreen monitors or need a secondary display for productivity, you should consider ViewSonic TD 2230 as an option and do check there other high-end displays too.

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