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Venom 2 – Woody Harrison Returns to Cast


Venom 2 slowly gathers a team to start shooting soon. It was confirmed that Woody Harrison will be in the cast.

Venom 2 will return to the screens of Woody Harrison. The participation of the actor was confirmed by an outstanding cameraman Robert Richardson in an interview with Collider. The actor joined the team some time ago.

We already know that the actor plays the role of a villain named Carnage. Disclosure of his participation may confirm that plans for continuation have not changed.

Richardson is an award-winning cameraman who mainly worked on the films of Tarantino, Scorsese and Stone. In an interview, he admitted that, finally, he wants to try to make a superhero movie. Personally, he is a fan of Tom Hardy, so he is looking forward to working with the actor.

The film was directed by stent Andy Serkis. Tom Hardy and Kelly Marcel have already written the script. The preparatory phase is already underway.

The premiere of Venom 2 is scheduled for October 2, 2020.

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