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The Internet Car – MG Motors


Isn’t it annoying to drive the same old automobile with insufficient features ? Well, Morris Garages drives just in time with this iSmart next  generation, Hector.
It is not just a car , it is a whole new experience in connected mobility. It consists of hardware housed in a 10.4” Head Unit that acts as the control centre.The car is integrated within OS developed by MG India and it also supports the OTA updates. The internet car has in built Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities . Moreover , it the first car in India that would keep upgrading with OTA updates to learn and improve users experience over time.

The MG Hector Internet Car has been built in partnerships with leading Global Technology Companies, Cisco, Unlimit, Microsoft, Nuance, TomTom, Gaana, Accuweather, SAP, iTeligence, Adobe, Cognizant and Panasonic.

1. MG  has mounted the Head Unit vertically as consumers preferred to use the mobile devices vertically and the users can control the vehicle’s functionalities with just a touch.
2. It is the first car to be embedded with Machine to Machine eSim , Internet Protocol Version 6 and 5G ready.
3. The car has OTA feature and would keep upgrading as soon as new updates are available . Just like smartphones the users would get   see new themes and features which are unimaginable at the moment.
4. All the data related to the driver and vehicle analytic , will be stored in the Microsoft Azure Cloud DC
5. The car is cloud enabled  and has AI based Voice Assistance , enabling over 100 voice commands to control the vehicle in different English Accents.
6. It includes queries on finding locations on places .Moreover, Pulse Hub not just guides but also sends Point of Interest onto the Head Unit of the car, where the navigation system takes on .
7. Hector comes with embelled maps and navigation and Accuweather App. Moreover, it is preloaded with the Gaana App and premium account with ad-free music and download capabilities.
8. Every user would be getting a downloadable iSmart App for their mobile phones . The app , when fired up, scans the car and instantly present information about location and whether the car is fully locked.


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