The events of “Captain Marvel” show the alternate Marvel universe


Marvel Studios officially began filming the movie “Captain Marvel” with Bree Larson in the lead role.

The studio shared some details of the plot and general information about the project. Based on this portal Screen Rant presented a theory according to which the events of the film occur in an alternate timeline.

We know that history will take us back to the 1990s, and among the characters, we will see Nick Fury, Phil Colson, Ronan Prosecutor and the Persian Korat. This period of time was not yet affected in the Marvel cable car, only the “Black Panther” showed the emergence of Eric Killmonger in 1992, and “Iron Man 3” showed the New Year’s Eve in 1999.

“Avengers: The Infinity War” promises to be the culmination of the entire cinematic universe, but the “The Infinity War Part 2” will complete the 11-years history and present it to us with a completely new universe. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo hinted that the “Infinity War” will link all events through time travel. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Dr. Strange, said that the Marvel can be pulled out to other dimensions.

The upcoming film “The Ant-Man and Wasp” is also mentioned, which will fully represent the quantum world. It is believed that he will play an important role in “Infinity War Part 2” when the entire time line will be changed.

Of course, one can easily explain the absence of Carol Denvers, but moving through time seems the most logical explanation. The heroine could not appear at the beginning of the battle with Thanos, because there were some changes that prevented her from doing it. The theory largely explains why we have not seen and heard nothing about Captain Marvel for 20 years.


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