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Tag: marvel


Review: ‘Doctor Strange’ Is Everything Expect it to be , ‘Pure Magic’

This Is A Spoiler Free Review An arrogant New York neurosurgeon, flaunting his skills at work and his Lamborghini Huracán and how he overcome's his arrogance. Strange’s desperation over his ruined hands takes him to Kathmandu,Nepal where he meets his master,the Ancient One. Cumberbatch with surprisingly good american accent demonstrates an easy charm, overriding the character’s playboy smugness…

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Netflix Looking at ‘Marvel’s The Punisher’ for a spin-off

After a lot of rumors about The Punisher's Solo Series ,official said: Netflix ordered a series about the Punisher. The character first appeared in the second "Daredevil" season, he played the role of John Bernthal, which, of course, will come back. Marvel's The Punisher - another joint project of Netflix and Marvel Television, which has already released…

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