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Marvel and Hulu announced a series Runaways

Marvel and Hulu (video streaming service) announced the launch of the series by series Runaways comics.Runaways (The Runaways) tells the story of six teenagers...

Review: ‘Doctor Strange’ Is Everything Expect it to be , ‘Pure Magic’

This Is A Spoiler Free Review An arrogant New York neurosurgeon, flaunting his skills at work and his Lamborghini Huracán and how he overcome's his arrogance. Strange’s...

Watch The First Trailer For Logan

#Update Fox Released Red Band R Rated Trailer "Logan" has a March 3, 2017 release directed by James Mangold starring Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Elizabeth Rodriguez,...

The New ‘Gaurdians Of Galaxy Vol. 2’ Trailer Is Here!

Disney and Marvel have released the first teaser for James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which comes to theaters on may 5th,...

Netflix Looking at ‘Marvel’s The Punisher’ for a spin-off

After a lot of rumors about The Punisher's Solo Series ,official said: Netflix ordered a series about the Punisher. The character first appeared in the...

Spider-Man Fights The Winter Soldier In the New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ TV Spot

With the new TV spot was release for Captain America: Civil War, (it was short, but an incredibly awesome one). Marvel wants you to “Choose...