With the launch of Android Oreo comes a lot of time spent searching for hidden goodies within the source code. In the past, the Android engineering team has talked about enabling theming in Android O. Now with the images for android O available, the Substratum theme framework now supports system-wide themes which don’t require root on any device running Android 8.0 Oreo.

The newly added ADB shell commands present in the code of Android 8.0 Oreo that can enable and disable overlays were found to be functional alternatives for activating Substratum themes and they don’t require root access, XDA Developers discovered, noting how the solution still requires you to use a small PC application or an ADB shell command and is reversed once you perform a hard reboot of the system. Regardless, even a hard reboot doesn’t delete the themes from the device and only requires you to re-enable their privileges. The process itself may still break some themes which were designed to work on rooted devices and modify particular settings like fonts, though the development is still significant in the sense that rootless system-wide themes are now finally available within the Android ecosystem. Refer to the source link below to find out how to take advantage of the latest breakthrough in Android development.

Source: XDA


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