Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-ray Edition Leaks Online

(via – Screen Rant)

The Blu-ray edition of  “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”  has leaked online, two weeks before its official release on April 5.
According to Torrent Freak, the first pirated copy of “The Force Awakens” appeared online Tuesday, and within 12 hours due to the hype around the movie in recent months it’s no surprise that hundreds of thousands of fans have already downloaded the movie.And now possibly more than dozens of copies must be in circulation.

Any-who “The Force Awakens” recorded surreptitiously in theaters have made the rounds for months, this is the first time a high-definition version has been available. Torrent Freak expects that the number of downloads could “to increase to several millions”  in the coming weeks.

The Blu-Ray disc, posted below, originates from the REPLiCA release group and appears to be a regular retail copy.

Under the most recent rules , Scene release groups are required to supply a photo of the physical disc with their group tag as proof.




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