The OnePlus 6 takes pictures with a better balance of colors, Temperature and it handles the whites better than previous phones. Thanks to the better sensor it can intake more light. Low-light shots are so much improved thanks again to the OIS, the secondary camera that is a regular sensor (whereas in other phones you get a wide-angle or telephoto) that helps in extremely dark conditions could’ve been better. On the front of the device you now get a 16MP camera with EIS which is great for a perfect selfie. And it definitely gets the job done. The only complaint about the camera is that the images are not sharp. On the phone screen images look great the colors are great images look sharp but if you transfer images to your PC to edit you realize edges are blurred and details are not good. But for your Instagram, they look amazing. Just post edit them in Snapseed or Lightroom and BOOM!! they look amazing.


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