Samsung is challenging the notion that OLED TV’s peak picture quality in the living room. At CES 2017, the company Showcased its latest flagship televisions. It’ll be available will be three models – the Q9, Q8, and Q7  available in 55″,65″,75″ and 88″ inches. Samsung says that QLED TV represents its best achievement in image quality and viewing experience yet.

Featuring reinvented Quantum Dot technology and a new core for 100% color volume.

What is Color Volume?

Defined as a three-dimensional representation that illustrates the color reproduction capacity of a display at all of its brightness levels, the color volume is also an important standard for ensuring that content is displayed in the way the producer intended.

To put it simply, the higher the color volume, the better display can express a vast range of vivid, accurate colors. Samsung’s QLED TVs’ “100 percent color volume” verification means that all colors of the DCI-P3 color space can be expressed regardless of differing levels of brightness, ensuring that HDR images can be viewed in the way the content producer intended.

Improved off-angle viewing new to life, while the OneRemote puts you in control of all your devices along with “Invisible connection” the so-called wire (Optical Cable) that connects the TV with external HUB that further acts as a bridge to connect other external peripheral connections.

On the software end, Samsung’s 2017 TVs are still powered by Tizen, with the same user interface as last year. But there are some new additions like a sports mode that aggregates scores and other content from your favorite teams and an expanded Music section that lets you Shazam music as it’s playing in a TV show and immediately launch that track in Spotify or any other streaming services.


On pre-booking, the TV from 2nd May ie. today to 21 May Samsung is offering free S8+ along with it.



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