Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane


Waking up after a car accident, Michelle (the role of which we can contemplate Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is in the basement of a person who claims that he saved her life by chemical attack, which made the world outside the bunker uninhabitable.

Another secret of the project of Bad the Robot , who also carries the title the word “Cloverfield,” which is the name of the boulevard in the city of Santa Monica, where during the production of the film “Cloverfield” (orig. Title of Cloverfield) were studio company Bad Robot. That is, in fact, the two films can be either linked or not. Of course, I did not tell you. How not to talk about the twists and turns of the plot of the film, because the point of this project is to show to you to know about it as little as possible. However, the veil I parted slightly, but only slightly.

John Goodman as Howard in 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE

First of all, this movie – a mystery, a puzzle, a few of which are lost due to the fact that the movie Cloverfield in our hire out as “Cloverfield.” On the one hand, we were served an exciting thriller, on the other, keeping in mind that the name of the movie is not without reason, do not believe anything literally. Looking for a dirty trick, even where it is not, and this is, of course, the concept of the film is brilliant. Sitting in a movie theater, you just cheat himself, and it does not matter how original isolation, you’re trapped in the film. Multiplying this is quite brilliant game John Goodman, obtain one of the most atmospheric films of the year.

As in his time, and in the case of “Cloverfield” JJ Abrams took on the post of director of an unknown Dan Traktenberga, and judging by the enthusiastic criticism of Western journalists, his career should take the path of Matt Reeves’ career. And here is how the writers of the film trio shot to fame Drew Goddard, is the question. Not because the screenplay is weak (though the dialogue in the film is perhaps the weakest point), but because the second such Goddard’s very difficult to find. However, among the three writers present known to you for directing the film “Obsession” Damien Shazell and I very much hope that JJ also take him under his wing.


And it is worth mentioning that the film cost only $ 5 million. And gathered in worldwide box office is currently $ 70 million. That is, you can take only 5 million, to take a debutant director, sturdy, but not super-grossing actors and bring a more than tenfold profit. This is the foundation on which the American cinema holds. And it is for this, and not for the “Star Trek” and “Star Wars”, it is necessary first of all love JJ Abrams. For this and Lost.

PS Ah yes, the film is Bradley Cooper. Or rather have his voice on the phone in the first minute of the film. Enjoy your view.


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