On its twentieth year in business, PVR Cinemas has introduced PVR PRIVILEGE, a loyalty program for its ever-growing patron base.
The loyalty program aims at offering its members an easy way to earn rewards and also let PVR show their gratitude towards their customers.
The ‘PVR Privilege’ program is India’s first fully digital cinema loyalty program and offers the consumers umpteen privileges and benefits, including reward points on each purchase of tickets or food and beverages, bonus points during special occasions, personalized offers and services, and an automated conversion of reward points into vouchers that can be used to pay for tickets and F&B.

An easy to use, QR-code based virtual card in the app available on both iOS and Android. The program is powered by a leading Analytics engine and Machine Learning algorithm at the back-end, which will allow generation of highly relevant personalized notifications and offers to members.

The points would be automatically added to the account as the unique account number is linked with your mobile number, and after every 50 Points, a voucher would automatically to the app with prompt E-mail and SMS notification. (1Pt. = 1 INR)

“PVR privilege card is a strategic move to delight, create and retain loyal customers. We are targeting a brisk growth for the PVR Privilege program over the next 2 years,” said the chief of strategy PVR Ltd., Kamal Gianchandani at an event where Bollywood actor Aamir Khan was the guest of honor along with Dangal girl Zaira Wasim.

“By being an early mover in offering a loyalty program, PVR continues to enhance the movie-going experience for PVR’s valued guests,” said joint managing director PVR Ltd., Sanjeev Kumar Bijli.

The ‘PVR Privilege’ program promises to make the movie-going experience hugely rewarding for its customers. By earning points and auto-generated vouchers.

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