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Project Tesseract – The Ultimate Marvel Dream PC


The Tesseract is an Infinity Stone of unparalleled power that is owned by Odin, it is now stored in Asgard. Alright so Tesseract is just a fictional stone from MCU one of infinity stones but the Tesseract we are talking about is real and is a powerful gaming machine. XRIG and Fox My Box came together and created this beauty.

It’s a fully custom build PC and takes PC Modding Community Of India to a different level and looks something straight out of a Marvel Blockbuster. XRIG showcased this PC at Techno India University.

How Did They Do It?

Initially, a layer of primer is enforced on to the metallic underlying layer of the cubical enclosure. This step is carried out in order to provide assistance in the adherence so that more and more layers of paint can be imposed. Then the process is proceeded by the inclusion of the base epidermis which consists of glow in the dark which is a semi transparent shade. Then there is the addition of photo chromic paint which is basically a black color shade which changes its color from black whenever exposed to a temperature around 40 degrees Celsius and appears to be glowing.

In simple words, the case appears to be glowing just as Tesseract in Captain America, A visual delight for the owner.

Besides the super impressive paint job, Tesseract packs 32 gigs of DDR4 RAM, i7 7700K Intel processor with NVIDIA GTX 1080, 2 TB hard-disk, 512 GB SSD and Noctua A14 at 3000RPM in just 27 x 20 x 22.4 cm form factor.

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