Once you’ve caught your first Pokémon i.e. your starter Pokémons either Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. The real adventure begins, with the interface showing your trainer walking on a Maps-esque layout. On the map you can see landmarks that represent PokeStops and Gyms. You will not be able to access them until you get close enough, or in the case of Gyms at a certain level.

On the bottom right you’ll be able to see all available nearby by Pokemons but how do you catch them? Just Follow the Steps and become the greatest Pokemon trainer of all.

pokemon go

Step 1: Open up the nearby list and decide which Pokemon you want to find. also pay attention to the ‘footsteps’ underneath the Pokemon from count of 0 or none to 3, none will be the nearest Pokemon and Pokemon with 3 feet will be the furthest.

Pokemon Go Feet

Step 2: Keep walking in a direction until you see that Pokemon move a spot in the list. If it moves closer to the upper left corner you’re walking towards that Pokemon if not change the direction. Also you’ll notice rustling grass. If you walk towards it a Pokémon will appear and you can attempt to catch it.

Pokemon Go Grass

Step 3: Gotcha!


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