Organize Music, Movies and TV Shows Smartly

The complete guide to managing your media


First, we’re going to assume your videos are stored in Apple’s MP4/H.264 format. Even Windows 10 supports this format, along with most third-party devices such as Android mobiles and smart TVs.

Next, you need to name or rename your files so that the ‘media scrapers’ employed by many media servers can easily identify them and match them to the information stored on online databases such as and

We’ll then show you how to directly embed the metadata used by your media server into your media files through a process called tagging. This allows your files to be correctly seen across a wider range of platforms, including iTunes, giving you maximum flexibility. Let’s get started.


To rename your file you’ll need the help of a free, cross-platform tool called Filebot.

It’s a great tool for organizing your media files, but we’re specifically using it here to correctly – and quickly – rename incorrect files, including ripped CDs where no track information was available.

Tagging – Music

Android user can go for automated and easiest tagging method. Install Automatic Tag EditorThe app will take care of the rest from tagging to adding album art. But if for some reason it could not locate the song or the album art was wrong you could manually add the tags using the or iTunes. To download the album art for this you could simply run an image search on google or to save time use iTunes Album Art Finder. Then to add tags using iTunes simply right click on the song and select ‘Get Info‘ and add the tags easily. Next, select artwork tab and add desired Album Artwork and then save.

You can also use MusicBrainz Picard, which runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Tagging – Movies and TV shows

There are 2 methods for tagging your video library. first, is using iTunes and second is using media servers like plex or XBMC. You can also use Kodi as you’ve already renamed all your TV Shows and Movies Kodi will automatically arrange everything, add poster and short description from online databases.But it will be limited to Kodi only.

I prefer iTunes method as it is easy, same as tagging music files using iTunes, right click on the Movie or TV show select get info and start tagging the file.To add Poster or Artwork to Movie or TV Show go to Artwork tab and add the artwork. To download artwork easily go to Itunes Artwork Grabber.

For the second method, using media server please visit Tech Radar.

Making Your Library Attractive

To make your library attractive you can change the folder icons of your favorite TV shows just image search ‘TV show name folder icon‘ on google.


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