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OA Cancelled, Fans Consider it as Netflix’s Marketing Strategy


The series “OA” was canceled on Netflix, but fans refuse to believe it

Fans of the series OA” are convinced that its closure is just a ploy to draw attention to season 3!

The streaming service Netflix refused to continue production of many of its series, but for some reason, this one does not give rest to its viewers. There was a theory according to which the cancellation of the series is really just a brilliant marketing company.

Caution, season 2 spoilers!

The theory says that the ending of season 2 hints at something far more complicated than a simple closure. The fact is that they could not close the series from our universe, but the one that was shown in recent episodes. So now we seemed to be in season 3 of that other world.

In the finale of season 2, the heroes find themselves in a parallel world, where their story is a series, and the roles are played by actors. Thus, they fell into the bodies of actors! Of course, the one shown has differences from our world (for example, Jason Isaacs and Brit Marling are not married in reality), but otherwise, everything is the same. 

The theory of the announcement about closing the show from Netflix supports the theory and it says that the service is always ready to continue working with the creators of the series “in this and other dimensions”. Even some dialogues from season 2, for example, the words that “one day the riddle goes into real life”, can be taken as hints. 

Is “closing” the series a game of augmented reality or not? Is the boundary between reality and fiction really broken? One way or another, fans believe that the community of fans has a role in what is happening. They collect signatures on petitions for renewal, promote the hashtag on social networks and are not going to give up, being sure that they have to save Brit and OA.

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