Ever wonder how much it would cost to actually dress like a video game character? While many are set in fantastical worlds with technology we can only dream of, there are some real life equivalents. Sunglass Warehouse compiled 11 popular video game characters and estimated the real life costs of their iconic apparel. For example, Master Chief’s Mjolnir suit in Halo can be compared to the actual exoskeleton the military is currently testing, called TALOS. Many of the guns, ammo and weaponry found in video games are also based off reality, like Samus’ suit canon could be a portable grenade launcher by today’s standards. Or, you could keep it simple and grab some overalls, a hat and some mustache wax to get into the Super Mario persona.Trevor

Another minimalistic cosplay will be Donkey Kong  and  Trevor (from GTA).For Donkey Kong,just grab a tie and some bananas from grocery stores and voila, you’re good to go. Trevor Philips is least stylist and  therefore, the easiest to replicate. Just grab some gym clothes and run around the block a few times. Donkey-Kong

While most of Sonic outfit can be found in your sock drawer except for the gold rings and those blue “hair” may  need some hair gel and dye. Sonic

If you want to  replicate Link from The Legend of Zelda  and want to make your Hyrule dreams come true, then  just grab an ocarina which is analogous to his wind flute. Navi, Link’s trusted companion, can be possibly replaced by a drone.


Well, Red  from original Pokemon video games series can be replicated easily. All you need is to raid your closet with some pokemon essential clothing.


All you need is a dapper suit and  guns called AMT hardballers to replicate Agent 47.


While replicating Lara Croft, just pull off a tanktop and cargo shorts paired with boots and her classic double pistols which in movies are Heckler & Koch USP Match 9mm.


Resurrecting Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad from Assassin’s creed can be impossible. But everything can be outfitted. While, the weapons may need some DIY. And you’ll be ready for battle


Here’s The Full ListVideo Game Fashion Full


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