How to install the latest iOS 11 Beta version

Step 1. Tap the > INSTALL button

Step 2. When you’re redirected tap install 3 times then restart your device.

Step 3. When your device turns back on the slide to unlock, go into the Settings app, navigate to General > Software update. Scroll down and tap Download and Install.

Step 4. Wait for your device to download and install iOS 11 beta 1.

Step 5. Done, Enjoy!

The good news is that early versions of Apple’s iOS 10 beta last year were surprisingly stable. Yes, there were still plenty of bugs in beta 1 and the next few releases, but there wasn’t really anything that rendered the software unusable. Still, if you plan to install iOS 11 beta 1 on your iPhone or iPad, there are a few things you should know:

  1. You may lose some data. Be sure to back up to iCloud or iTunes before you install iOS 11 beta 1
  2. There will be bugs. Lots and lots of bugs.
  3. Apps will crash… often. No third-party app developer on the planet has updated their apps yet for iOS 11 (how could they?) and there will absolutely be compatibility issues. Your favorite apps may be completely unusable, in fact. Keep that in mind before you install iOS 11

With that out of the way, iOS 11 beta 1 has been released! If you have an Apple developer account


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