How To | Install Google Assistant on Any Device Running Marshmallow and Above


Google rolled out the Google Assistant Preview on Allo Messenger earlier this month, showing off everything that its intelligent new AI could do. Unfortunately, the Pixel will be the only phone with Google Assistant built in for the time being, but if you have a phone with Android 6.0+ installed, there is a little trick which can give you your personal Google Assistant.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to root your phone in order to do this, so if that makes you uncomfortable, well..wait for google to official launch it for everyone.

Step 1. Root Your Device and Install Xposed Framework, get Xposed Framework Installer here –

Step 2. After you successfully install Xposed and see a green tick in Xposed App, Go to download and search for Assistant Enabler.

Step 3. Enable Assistant Enabler from modules tab within the Xposed app, then simply reboot your device.

#Remember, You must have latest google beta app if you don’t get it here –

Hold and press home button and say hello to your Google Assistant.

Video Tutorial

Comment below if you face any problem until you get your assistant we would be happy to assist you.





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