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how to transfer video and photo files from iphone to android


There are many users who used to use Android phones earlier but after that they have switched to iPhone. After this they face troubles in sharing video and photo files to their friends. But now you do not have to worry, we have brought some such ways for you by which you can share video and photo files from iPhone to Android smartphone.

Step 1: First connect your iPhone to your PC and then unlock it.
Step 2: Next, give your PC access to the photos and videos on your iPhone. Tap Allow on your iPhone.
Step 3: Now on PC, click on Start Window button and then open Photos app.
Step 4: Now select Import and then click on Connected device option.
Step 5: Select the photos and videos you want to import and click on Import.
Step 6: Next, connect your Android phone to your PC.
Step 7: In the notification panel, you will see a message saying ‘Charging this device via USB’ Click on it and then confirm.
Step 8: Now select File Transfer option.
Step 9: After that on your PC, go to the folder where you have saved photos and videos. Select all the photos and videos you want to transfer, then right click and select the copy option.
Step 10: Now on your PC, go to My Computer Option > find your Android phone > Camera > DCIM folder > and right click and paste it.

Transfer photos and videos via iCloud

Step 1: For this you have to first sync all the photos and videos on your iPhone with your iCloud account.
Step 2: On your Android phone, you need to open the Google Chrome browser.
Step 3: Visit and log in to your account.
Step 4: Go to the Photos section and click on Select All.
Step 5: Now tap on the option of three dots appearing on the lower right corner of the screen.
Step 6: Here you will get the option of Download, click on it.

You can also transfer photos and videos with the help of Google Photos

Step 1: Download the Google Photos app on your iPhone and log in.
Step 2: In the Google Photos app, you will be asked if you want to sync photos in High Quality during set-up.
Step 3: On an Android smartphone, open Google Photos and login to your account. There you will see all your photos and videos.

Transfer files via Google Drive

Step 1: For this, first download the Google Drive app on your iPhone and log in to your account.
Step 2: Now tap on Add button and then tap on Upload.
Step 3: Now go to Photos and Videos.
Step 4: Select all the photos you want to transfer and then click on Upload option.
Step 5: On your Android smartphone, open Google Drive and log in to your Google Account.
Step 6: Then you search and select the uploaded photo and video.
Step 7: You will see Menu in the top right corner inside the app, go to it.
Step 8: Here tap on the Download button.


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