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How to Check Battery Health in Android Phone?


How to Check Battery Health in Android Phone- iPhone gives its users many facilities, one of which you can check your device’s battery health. By checking the battery health of the device, you get to know when you need to change the battery in your phone. But Android phones do not have such features. In Android phones, we download many types of third-party apps and games, which affect the smartphone’s battery. Not only this, many times charging the phone with the wrong cable or leaving the phone on charge for a long time, due to these reasons, the battery health of the phone starts falling. Now the new phone comes with an attached battery, which cannot be removed, so you can neither know the battery health nor change it easily. But with the help of some easy tricks, you can also know the battery health an Android phone.

How to Check Battery Health in Android Phone?

If you want to know the health of the battery of your Android phone, then for this you have to download the AccuBattery app from the Play Store. After this, with the help of this app, you can get information about your phone’s charging and discharging rate, temperature etc. Along with this, it will also tell you about the battery used by each app, etc. Apart from these things, you will also get information about the health of the battery and its capacity.

Secret code can also work

You can also use this code to check battery health in your phone. For this, you have to dial *#*#4636#*#* under ussd facility in your phone and select battery-related information. Although this feature does not work on some Android phones, but information related to the phone is available.


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