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How The Joker Differs From Other Origin Stories


DC presents some important changes in Batman’s classic stories with their latest film, which will reveal the origins of the Gotham underworld clown prince.

Now Warner Bros. Pictures released new details of the “Joker” about the vision of director Todd Phillips, revealing more of the plot of the film. It seems that the tape will make a lot of changes, exploring how a person like Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) can become a brutal criminal who will capture the underworld of Gotham City.

Phillips explained how the Joker differs from the typical story of the origin of superheroes.

I like the complexity of the Joker, and I felt that its origin would be worth exploring in the film, since no one did it, and even in the canon it does not have a clear formation. So, [co-author] Scott Silver and I wrote a version of a complex and deep character, and how it can develop … and then transform. That’s what interested me – not the story of the Joker, but the story of becoming a Joker.

As in The Murderous Joke, all Arthur needs is one bad day to experience the dark side of humanity, which will then push him to explore his own tendencies towards violence.

One of the topics we wanted to explore in the film is empathy and, more importantly, the lack of empathy that is present in many parts of Arthur’s world. For example, in the film you see the difference in how young children and adults react to Arthur, because children see the world without limits; they do not see rich or poor and do not understand a marginalized person in the way adults do. They just see Arthur as a guy trying to make them smile.

We already know that the film will make serious changes to the origin of the Joker since he will not get into the vat with chemicals. Phillips said earlier that they are trying to be as realistic as possible in the film.

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  1. As for the impressions, this film is real masterpiece, it’s really strong and deep. You leave the cinema and don’t understand: you feel sorry for main character? Do you sympathize with him? Or, maybe, Joker is disgusting to you? Perhaps in some moments the film lacks a change in rhythm, but in general – this drama leaves strong emotions. How can the brutality of the crowd give rise to a lone outsider who suffered from cruelty? I want to separately note the soundtracks of this movie. Music was written by an Icelandic musician and composer Hildur Gudnadottir, she also worked on the compositions for the TV-series ‘Chernobyl’. Music didn’t just create the background or atmosphere, it created more than half of this film. It’s only my opinion. Thanks for your review!


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