Fox’s New Tv series – Lucifer


Lucifer is a comedy drama. On the basis of this first episode it’s nailed the comedy part, It’s very funny in places. I think I am going to watch this show , speaking of show;

It all starts when Lucifer meets up with a young singer he has helped. She feels she has sold her soul to the devil, but he states all he’s done is point her in the favourable direction. While this debate unfolds, the two are gunned down in the street. Of course, Lucifer lives because… you know… he’s immortal. The rest of the episode sees Lucifer attempting to track down the singer’s killer and assisting the detective attached to the case.

The best parts of the pilot come in it’s light and playful moments. Tom Ellis is delightfully fun to watch.He drives around L.A. in his black Corvette Flattery and bringing out the most “inner desires” of people. Yet, as much fun as these scenes are, one can not help but feel there is a missed opportunity with this character. After all, if your lead character is the devil, why not make him a little more complex and thrilling , there should be elements both appealing and unappealing about the character, but anywho the show is (according to the pilot episode) Hilarious and delight to watch.
And have you guys read Sandman comics? well…. Lucifer is it’s spin-off.


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