*Spoiler Alert Warning*

The Coma theory

What if when the school bus is crashing into the water, OA goes into the coma and what we see is what’s actually happening in her mind. There were two boys, two girls, and Nina on the bus making up to a total of five people. What if Nina didn’t die instead she is inside coma and in her mind, she is putting all bits together to form an elaborate story based on the tragic event or it could be just her fighting with the subconscious to wake up.
What if Nina actually went into a coma right at the beginning, when her father made her go into the frozen lake.

The FBI guy Theory

What if Nina is telling the truth, she was blind and she died several times, the movements are real and the other dimension exists. Also, what if the FBI guy is some multi-dimensional agent who is trying to cover up and he is the one who planted those books in the Amazon box that we see below the bed of Prairie, just for someone to find them and discredit her throughout.

Or the whole season, we think the FBI guy is on the good side but what if he was just a secret agent of a government project, a project that could be similar to Dr. Hap’s laboratory, after all, we know that someone was also working on NDE (Near Death Experience) for sure because  Dr. Hap killed the other researcher in the hospital who was working on it.

Theory number 3

If it’s all true from FBI guy theory we can extend the reasoning in theory number 3, it’s all true. The fifth movement only works if you have the will and she has it. What if in the cafeteria they changed the destiny and instead of killing the kids, the shooter killed OA which means the movement worked and she got what she wanted from it by going into the flow to another dimension.

Stranger Things Connection

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things Spoiler Alert  I’m about to drop some spoilers. There’s no doubt the Stranger Things and The OA has a lot of similarities but what if the two shows are more connected than we think they are, what if both take place in the same universe. Think about it, both Eleven and Prairie are lab experiments, they both bleed from the nose and they can travel to other dimensions. Both disappear or die at the end of the season. I know the shows are very different but being both Netflix original series we can’t exclude this possibility, it could be a little bit stretch but what do you think about it?

All The Unanswered Question

Also, why does French sees himself as Homer, reflected in the mirror in Prairie’s house? Why is that BBA’s brother named Theo which stands for God and only one letter away from ‘The-OA’? Why they all share the same dress color in the final clip?

What’s your theory about The OA?



    • And in both series father plays important roles, In OA she goes missing in first place to find her father and In the strager things, Eleven calls Dr. Brenner’s her father.
      Great Scott .


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