Everything you missed in the “Suicide Squad Trailer”


The following article consists of minor spoilers for character details,proceed with whatever level of caution you like.
It has been a few days since the “New Suicide Squad” trailer a.k.a The “Blitz” trailer has debuted and there is a lot of good stuff in this one. So lets dig in and see The Things that you could have possibly missed (unless you have a very keen eye) in the trailer.
Ben Affleck Returns!!

The new trailer gives us a lot of footage of Ben Affleck as Batman(maybe because he was missing in the earlier trailers).

We see a scene in which he trying to save Dr. Harleen Quinzel(Harley Quinn, before she falls for the Joker),possibly from the Joker.I’d say this scene is from the beginning of the movie because batman disappears once the movie advances.
5 Also Batman jumps in a lake to save a woman.
43Who is this woman?None other than our beloved Harley Quinn.
That breathalyser on his face is another one of Batman’s awesome gadgets(hopefully not the only one).

The Joker!!

We get some more shots of the joker,and as always Jared Leto’s nailed it.

Notice the man at the back?

I guess that is Mr. T,he is rumored to be in the movie and in this particular scene seems like he is discussing some business deal with the mad man.

This look of the joker looks straight out of the comics with the messy green hair,the broken teeth and the half burned face. And is that a grenade pin in his mouth?

Harley Quinn’s Novelty Hammer

6Now I know most of you will say there is no way anyone has missed her holding her hammer,but look carefully, you can see the suicide squad logo on the hammer’s face.

Captain Boomerang

He mocks Diablo’s powers and judging by the looks of it, he is not amused.

An army of what?

We see a glimpse of these guys many a times in the trailers, and my best guess is they are the main threat of this movie?
here’s one getting sliced by Katana.
and another carrying Harley away.

Enchantress’s Origin Story

Here is a scene in which we see Cara Delevingne as June Moone, and because later we see her as Enchantress ,I guess the movie will move along with her origin story.

Another What the Hell is this?


We see this scene just for a nanosecond in the trailer.

It is a shot of a guy wearing some kind of exoskeleton,with some kind of weird tentacles (filled with this unknown green liquid),walking in some subway. read more about this and who is he ?


Also this green tentacle belongs in the same scene.

The Bar scene

We see the Killer Croc mutter it’s first word when Harley asks
“Whatcha having?”
and he says

Suicide Squad hits theaters in November this year.
Do you think I have missed something? Tell me in the comments.


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