Dragon Ball Fans Can Now Create Their Own Characters


The time has come for Dragon Ball fans to make their own characters. Thanks to a new website which Dragon Ball Super has whipped up. In a partnership with Kirin, the anime has teamed up to make a website where fans can create their very own Dragon Ball characters.
And, unsurprisingly, the whole ordeal is more fun than it should be. Even Piccolo would crack a smile whilst creating his personalized Saiyan warrior.
The Japanese site may be difficult to navigate for English speakers; After all, the webpage is written completely in Japanese. However, the website seems to be a social one. You can make your own Dragon Ball characters, give them personalized details, and then battle them against other people’s creation via social media. Netizens can even rank up their creations in an attempt to win points and qualify for a special prize from Kirin. If you collect enough points, the company will create a miniature 3-D model of you character.
If you need further directions, then you can thank one Dragon Ball fan over on Reddit. The user @JustVan wrote out a set of instructions for fans to navigate the website which can be found below. The site itself can be found HERE.


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