Dr Stone – Season 2, Awaits.


One day a bright light shine over earth and everyone turns to stone. Fast forward to thousand years later, a brilliant teenage scientist wakes up from his deep slumber and tries to find a way to undo the petrification of humans. Eventually finding a solution he decides to restore the civilization.

Now we all know that things don’t usually go our way and same happens when our brilliant scientist SenkÅ« Ishigami end up waking a powerful teenager who opposes denku’s idea of completely restoring civilization arguing that the adults with again spread corruption in the world. What you think will happen next? Now that’s upto you yo find out.

Pic- Senku’s friend with his crush

This anime explores a idea we all had in our mind. Honestly it ended up increasing my general knowledge about the stuff we use daily and that was amusing to me. Season 1 is out to watch and season 2 will come by 2021.


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