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Connection between “Stranger Things” And “It”


So, it looks like Stranger Things and IT have more connections than just Finn Wolfhard.  Twitter user UpsideDownFacts theorizes the two stories actually exist in the same universe. But first, spoiler alert.

Stranger Things is full of Stephen King references, so much so that King himself even tweeted about it. From the title opening which has the same font as the cover of a Stephen King novel. If you haven’t watched both of them, stop now.

Okay. The theory. Bob Newby once faced off against Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Here’s the proof. Sean Aston’s character in Stranger Things, Bob Newby, is said to be from Maine, the setting of both the book and the film adaptation of Steven King’s IT.

Did I ever tell you about Mr. Boldo? Mr. Boldo? – Bob tells Will he used to have nightmares about a clown named Mr. Boldo.

“Hey kiddo, would you like a balloon?” Sound familiar? “Do you want a balloon too Georgey?” – And remember, Pennywise visits ever 27 years. In the Stephen King novel, he visits circa 1957. If we assume Bob is in his late 30s to early 40swhen we meet him in 1984, he would’ve been between 11 and 14.The right age to meet Pennywise. And both Mr. Boldo and Pennywise were defeated when the children stopped showing their fears.

This time I stood my ground. I just looked at Mr. Boldo and his stupid face and I said, go away, go away! – Bob.

Mr. Boldo and Pennywise are different names. Mr. Boldo existed in Bob’s imagination. Or you know, none of this is real. Like, shut up, It’s a TV Show alright!

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