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Captain Marvel Became The Most Hated Superhero in The World


The character of Captain Marvel is experiencing some difficulties in the world of Marvel comics, revealing the truth of the history of its origin and the secret origin of its history within the people of Kriya. But now everything should be much worse because Carol is going to become the most hated Marvel hero.

Below are minor spoilers to Captain Marvel #8

Fans who may have missed it – Carol Danvers learned about her true legacy and her own history as a Kree warrior in the Life of Captain Marvel series, but now the whole world knows the truth through an article published by a reporter named Ripley Ryan. Yes, that very Ripley Ryan, whose interview with Captain Marvel, which eventually turned into a disaster, where Mahkizmo, also known as Nuclear Man, took possession of New York. Captain Marvel and her team of female warriors eventually defeated the villain. But during this time, Ripley noticed a lot. Thanking Carol for her rescue, she acknowledged that the basis of her story had changed. And now fans know how much.

Marvel released the cover of Captain Marvel #8, which reveals the coming turn, which shows a newspaper with suspicious headlines: “Captain Marvel: Rod Kri” and “People’s enemy or public defender?”. This news will surely turn Carol’s world upside down, but will the fans take the news calmly?

Captain Marvel #8 
Captain Marvel #8 will be released July 17, 2019.


She is going to take a completely new threat – and she is from the distant past! When her legacy of Kriya is revealed to the dramatic world, Carol is transformed from a beloved hero into a public enemy number 1 – and this pushes her to the dark side.

The Kriya race is not, in principle, a favorite species on Earth, or anywhere in the universe at all. They subjected the world and its citizens to war and torment. When society finds out that Captain Marvel is also part of Kriya, and hid it from everyone, it is not surprising that she will become the most despised hero in the court of public opinion. This may well be the end of Captain Marvel since she was known until now, but if she is actually considered a traitor to Kriya, will Carol want to continue to save the world? What happens if the time comes when they really need it? And let’s face it, this development is possible. And will it affect her affair with Warmaster?

But as it often happens in comics, someone else can always take its place. Carol always liked to be a hero, but what will happen to her now?

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