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Book review: “The League of Legends “


Marvel’s publishing house and the creators of the “League of legends” Riot Games have teamed up to release the joint mini-series about the universe Runterry and its heroes. The first sign has become a good history of the archers from the northern lands of ash, and now is the origin and her brother Suite Garena.

In the first issue of the US show the Kingdom Demasiju, where for many years the magic under a ban and its followers are persecuted and sent to prison. Ljuksanna belongs to the aristocracy family and lived a carefree, but she gradually begins to show the uncontrolled ability to the magic of light, and there is also the brother of Mages Hunter eternally at hand. As one of the people bearing Educationalists “truth” about the dangers of magic gradually Suite begins to think, and whether the faithful elected her way. In search of truth, our heroine falls into a locked from ordinary mortals (with the help of influential names Karungard) prison, where a serial killer and part-time magician is Silas.

And now to the events of the second issue, which simultaneously immerses us in past Silas (However, not the fact that his story is true) develops mutually beneficial relations signed and potential magic, and adds a new phase in the history of Garena, who knows about the growing abilities of the sister and looking for options to protect her. And thus craves knowledge, it is vital to understand the changes that have taken place with the world and, of course, important finding at least a chance at finding ways to escape, a young and naive girl in Exchange for book studies with skilled masters of their craft control abilities and a better understanding of its essence. Everything could end well, if not damn templates, which Silas still learns that magic prisoners not just neutralize and scatter, and accumulate and redirect to revive colossus Galio that gives him food for thought.

In General, I am happy that comic strip does not remain a simple set of links to game characters and really trying to create a whole image of Runterry, twist stories all her heroes, that generally have long done using gaming encyclopedia. But it’s one thing to read a short biography and the other monitor series of beloved heroes. The only drawback I would figure — he’s not that bad, but it lacks the density and experience, it’s too similar to webcomics, where quality comes in favor of speed and frequency of output. However, the characters are recognizable, and the special effects look good — I think more of a comic book adaptation of the game and you do not want the look that will offer the remaining three rooms.

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