“Bolshoi Babylon” A magical but tragic true story – Review


Being a documentary , I’ll be reviewing this magical but tragic film into two parts. First would be history and second half would comprise of reviewing the cinematography and the screen performance of the film.

The History :-

Promising and digging out a lot more dirt , “Bolshoi Babylon” , Russia’s most famous performing-arts institution, Nick Read’s documentary finds the ballet company increased rapidly by Ballet Director Sergei Filin’s shocking assault, apparently instigated by a discontent and angry dancer. But as it follows the Bolshoi’s anxiety, following that international scandal, the various significant players interviewed here just hint at countless underlying problems without being willing to actually talk straight. Results ,well, certain diverting as a well shot behind the scenes glance, but reveals far less than intended.

You can’t imagine but wonder at the access that the British film-maker Nick Read, was able to gain to such a sacred Russian institution as the Bolshoi (Russian for “big”). They were producing their film in the immediate aftermath of the shocking January 2013 acid attack. This was a period of absolute disorder at the theatre.

The film captures the tensions within the Bolshoi, as hostile Pavel V Dmitrichenko (a dancer at the Bolshoi) was arrested, a new general director, Vladimir Urin, was appointed. The in-fighting portrays what appears to be going on in the country comprising as a whole.

Simultaneously, the film-makers portray backstage life at the Bolshoi in revealing intimate detail.


The cinematography and the screen performance and appeal :-

Like I said the film is magically tragic as it is supposed to be being a documentary of such a shocking story. But it is not like some boring documentary, It conveys its story and at the same time induces a sense of awe. When I sat down to this disturbing film, I wondered if I was going to compare it to Black Swan (2010). But I actually reckoned The Piano Teacher (2001) at some moments.

The scenes of the ballet performances are magical. The dancers make very personable and frank interviewees, talking openly about the insecurity of  their – lives, superiority, bitterness and ambition.

Watch The Trailer



To watch deleted scenes- http://bit.ly/1W48SQW


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