Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Analysis


Critics may be unkind to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice in their reviews, but that’s not keeping audiences from watching it.
It is clear that BvS is a very isolating movie, and even as someone who loved it, I can’t disagree that it didn’t have at least a few issues, But every movie I’ve come across  has issues.

The movie opened up brilliantly, addressing the aftermath of ‘Man of Steel(2014)’ in Metropolis,depicting perspective of a third person outside of the immediate conflict while setting the seeds for the rest of the film. Bruce Wayne was present during the bizarre events of Man of Steel, his role in the scene was to save his employees working in the Wayne Enterprises building of Metropolis.

Bruce witnesses what happened right before Kal-El/Superman and General Zod crash into a building, firing their eye beams, destroying the building, and killing everyone inside. And the scene ends when a girl point that her mom was inside the building.
which basically was to depict what could happen if God like man Changes his mind of protecting the earth. Which act as the driving force for Bruce Wayne/Batman to find a way to beat Superman.

The Plus Points of the movie

Justice League Cameos


formation of justice league



You Get the Fight you were Waiting for between Batman of Gotham and Superman of Metropolis


Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman were great And also Ben Affleck was awesome as Batman




And yes The Death Of Superman – And the winner is Batman



What I din’t like was

Batman using guns, as batman was against bullets and guns


And  Doomsday


Zack Snyder Explains BATMAN v SUPERMAN’s Ending

“I wanted Bruce Wayne to build the Justice League,” Snyder continues. “I felt like with Superman around, it’s a different conversation when you create the Justice League, right?  It’s like, ‘Me and Superman, we want to make a Justice League.’ [Other heroes would be] like, ‘Okay, yeah, I’ll join!’ I just feel like Bruce Wayne having to go out and find these seven samurai by himself, that’s a lot more interesting of a premise. I also I felt like, without Superman, there is definitely a vulnerability to the team that they’re gonna need to figure something out, you know?  Superman does represent the powerful. He’s the Michael Jordan of heroes, he’s gonna score.”

Snyder did at least drop some hints as to the method of his resurrection.

“Superman comes very close to death in space and the reason why we did that is because I wanted to show — and keep the idea in the viewer’s mind — that he can come pretty close to death and the sun can revive him, or he can be revived. I think something more is gonna need to be done.”

Pretty interesting, eh? So what do you think of BvS leave your opinion in the comment section below.


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