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WWDC 2017 Live Keynotes

All times are PDT (Pacific Daylight Time). WWDC 2017 kicks off at 10.00 PDT.

12.30 – Wrapping Up, with tomorrow’s plan and special guest Michelle Obama joining tomorrow.

12.16 – ‘Hey Siri’ will activate the six microphones, and there will be a blue and purple light on top that will flicker as it listens to you. Siri has been improved to learn more about what people will ask everything about music.  This so isn’t going to work with Spotify.

12.14 – The HomePod can have a check sonically of where it is, and adapting the sound to fill the space.

12.12 – HomePod – that’s the name they came up with? come on Apple XD

12.09 – We want to ‘reinvent home music’ says Tim.

12.06 – Where is The Siri speaker?

11.55 – iOS 11 on iPad has lot new features we will cover it in a new post.

11.54 – Files is coming to the iPad. This is when Apple got serious about making the iPad Pro. FINALLY!!

11.53 – The new iPad version of iOS 11 – and the first thing is the dock is much larger – and the dock can be summoned like on Macs and you can slide out an app to show it in the sidebar.

You can snap the apps into split view, but the app switcher has all your apps held in space, and you can drag across the two apps now as well. That’s a good thing that’s needed.

11.48 – With 120 Hz Refresh rate we can use apple pencil with jus 20ms latency.

The ability to crop out images is pretty smart – the processing power of the new iPad Pro.

11.46 – The fastest iPads ever. The A10X (natch) is on there, There’s a six core CPU, and a 12-core GPU, which is 30% faster than the A9X chip, and 40% faster graphics performance.

11.43 – You’ll be getting a full-size on-screen keyboard and Smart Keyboard accessory too.

All the iPads are getting True Tone display, 600 nits brightness and low reflectively and 120Hz refresh rate.

With iOS 11 you’ll be able to do HDR video as well. Didn’t Samsung did that already?

We’re talking iPad Pro, it seems. Because he just said that, the chap that just got on stage.

Talking up the 9.7 inch and the 13-inch size too. But wait, there’s an all-new iPad Pro, taking everything you like from the smaller one and smooshing in more screen. 10.5-inch display, as it’s 20% larger than 9.7, and the borders are smaller, and still only 1 pound light.

11.36 – Wingnut is coming on stage – Peter Jackson’s company – and we’re getting a sneak peek of something special.

11.32 – AR IS HERE This is a test application, but you can use the iPhone camera to add in virtual objects on the table. This is going to be HUGE. Let’s see how this affects the iPhone 8.


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