For the first time, Andy Serkis’s negotiations with Sony Pictures became known at the end of July, after which the director and actor himself confirmed them in an interview. Now, as reported by THR, they are complete.

The sequel “Venom” with Tom Hardy will become the third independent directorial project of Sierkis after the melodrama “Breathe for us” and “Mowgli”, which eventually came out on Netflix.

It will also be the first film comic strip for Serkis as a director. Previously, he appeared in them only as an actor – the last time it was “Black Panther”, and on it, the story of his character in the MCU seems to be over.

The first part of Venom was directed by Ruben Fleischer, director of the comedy Welcome to Zombieland and its sequels. The movie with Tom Hardy raised $ 856 million worldwide with a budget of 100, so Sony quickly decided to produce a sequel.


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