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The Area 51 Raid Led To The Rise Of Search Queries On Pornhub

Area 51 and the newcomers were one of the main themes of this July. This activity is not limited to the event on Facebook. According to the new PornHub report, the number of search queries related to Area 51 has increased significantly in recent days.

According to PornHub, since July 12, the number of requests for the phrase “Area 51” has grown to tens of thousands. In total, from 12 to 16, more than 160 thousand inquiries were made on the phrase.

As for pornography with aliens, the search for them has a tendency to “jump”, but if we talk about July 14-15, these days the popularity of searching for porn with aliens has soared by 199%.

Pornhub alien increase

The most popular was the category “alien insemination”. Also in the top 3 standard sex with aliens and hentai aliens.

aliens pornhub 3

If we talk about geography in the United States, then most of all porn was looking for aliens in Alaska, in West Virginia and South Dakota. In the meantime, the number of people who signed up for Storming Area 51 on Facebook has long exceeded one million.


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