HomenewsTesla Will Soon Add Netflix and YouTube to Their Cars

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Tesla Will Soon Add Netflix and YouTube to Their Cars

Forget about the games at Tesla – soon car owners will have the opportunity to watch streaming content! (Netflix and Ride?)

Elon Musk said that they will add the ability to watch Netflix and YouTube when they are not in motion. Details of the functionality are not disclosed, however, Musk promised “cinematographic sensations”, thanks to comfortable seats and an impressive car audio system.

In the future, you can watch movies, TV shows or videos on YouTube and in motion, but only after the full introduction of the autopilot system. How quickly this will happen is not yet clear, as the regulators so far only allow the limited capabilities of smart systems.

Ironically, it’s best to watch the series on “cheap” Tesla models, like Model 3 and the future Model Y. Tesla S and X include larger screen size, but they are located in a vertical plane.


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