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GoT is postponed until further notice

Game Of Thrones is considered a masterpiece by the masses. The previous statement imply a lot of things which includes the expectation of the fans when they see a new episode of Game Of Thrones
And because of the above statement, it is perfectly reasonable that they have postponed the season until further notice

Let’s look at some statistics to find some insight about why?

The above photo is a graph from Graph TV about the rating of GoT
As you can see the first episode have the lowest in rating and the last usually has the highest. This is justified by the cliffhanger on the final episodes.

If you actually study the graph carefully you will find that the first season has consistently had an average rating of 8.75 with three episodes have 9.9 rating but the last season’s rating were around 8.10 with only two episode at 9.9 ratings

Sure, it may look like a small number and there is a possibility this is just due to the ending of “hype” but with the information that GoT has shut down, it is clear that this is not the case.

Not Satisfied? Want more? Want some more graphs?

Well, worry not this nerd right here have some free time tonight (Yes, I referred to myself in the third person)

Le’s compare GoT’s graph to Friends 


If you study the chart Friends had an average rating of 8.5 in the first season and this holds true for all the other seasons unlike GoT

You know what we conclude from this?




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