10.53 – iMac Pro! The price? $4999 and it’ll be available from December.

10.50 – Pricing!
iMac 21.5-inch – starting at $1099
iMac Retina 4K 21.5-inch – starting at $1299

New config for 13-inch Pro that starts at $1399.

MacBook Air gets a increase in MHz too – and everything ships from today!

10.45 – It’s a Star Wars environment, Vadar is just chilling out. Basically, iMac can now render real-time VR smooth, 90fps VR graphics thanks to Metal 2.

10.39 – OH YEAH!, VR content creation – Metal support for VR, an optimized display pipeline. The SteamVR SDK is coming to the Mac, as well as unity and Unreal.


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