11.24 – Showing off Monument Valley 2 – that’s a beautiful game, and the new product page in ‘Today’ tab shows a lot more info. BUT, WHO READS IT?

11.07 – Live Photos can now be trimmed, you can mark any part of the video as your ‘key photo’.

11.05 – Next we’re talking camera. There are 1 trillion iPhone photos taken per year, and in video with HEVC – two times better camera compression – with and the JPG is going to be using a high-efficiency image standard, but you’ll still be able to share them easily with other phones and every smartphone would be compatible.

11.04 – Siri will also understand your voice and context now, allowing you to work out what you might want to do next.

11.02 – Using machine learning, Siri is now able to pronounce things in a more nuanced way. Siri also looks different… and can even translate too.


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