So as you can tell from this trailer it looks very interesting and it follows directly after the events of what happened in the most recent episode but before you break it down let’s have a look at the trailer below.

We start off with Cisco and Harry hanging out around the set up for that recreated particle accelerator ,they seem to be re-configuring it and using it along with Cisco’s abilities to locate wherever or whenever Barry is ,now this is where we get Barry waking up he’s not dead he seems to have woken up in his childhood bedroom when he used to live with his mother and father. There is actually a book with the episode title on it right here we see The Runaway Dinosaur possibly comes into play at some time.


Then we get Joe (what the hell very close in) Joe he responds to Barry with his name but then says his name not Joe (then who the hell are you ,god dammit!?) We have Cisco on the next scene trying to possibly send a message like he did with his abilities couple of episodes ago to Zoom (remember what happened then?)


We then see Henry Demanding to get his son back and Harry seems to be in a lot of stress (which he deserves) , We get Barry Pleading to a version of Iris to let him go and save his world, And this is where we get Girder from season 1 but as a Zombie? (WTF) Played by Greg Finley (Fun Fact he is also in a show called iZombie) And Finally We get Some Version of Joe telling Barry that you are not going (2)

I guess his mother will also be in the episode although she is not in the trailer.

So where is Barry Trapped? Speed Force? And will Wally West Get his Kid Flash Abilities?




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