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9 Superpowers You Need To Rule In Bed


With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility and their advantages like some of these superpowers could be used very well in bed as well! Here is a list of most gratifying superpowers in the bedroom.

Storm’s Weather Control

Since all of her power is connected to her emotions, imagine the insanity of trying to be romantically involved with someone who, in a moment of passion, created a series of lightning bolts, or a flash flood.

Loki’s Illusions

The God of Mischief has a lot of nefarious tricks up his sleeve and can deceive anyone to do anything. Remember The Mask? if yes you get the idea ;)

Poison Ivy’s Control over plants

Sure, it’s well-known that Poison Ivy has the ability to cast hypnotic “love spells” of sorts with the use of pheromones and that she can manipulate plants to do her bidding. You can shower with rose petals, tie your lover up with vines, and tickle with bottle brushes (Punish me, Mr Grey!).

Mystique’s Shape-Shifting

Well, this is probably the best power to have if you have a crush on someone. You can shape ship into anyone your crush likes and have your way.

Spider-Man’s Webbing

Who hasn’t wondered what would be it like to do it under stars? Romantic right?

Mr Fantastic’s Malleability

He can do stuff like wrapping himself around you several times, making his fingers and something else incredibly long, and he also has the ability to change his facial expressions. which can be used very well during foreplay.

Sue Storm’s Invisibility

Being Invisible is one of the best powers, but it can also be misused to take certain advantages, particularly sexual advantage. You’ve seen Hollow Man right?

Vixen’s Animal Affinity

Ever Wondered how it feels when various animals do it?

Professor X’s Mind control

Mind control them, make them feel anything and do anything he wants them to do. EZPZ

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